Welcome to our blog as we embark on a journey to renovate homes in the UK and beyond. We are a family of four who are fed up of the rat race of a 9-5 job, we wanted to change that. We want a better future for our family with a balanced work and home life. So we have decided to take the plunge into the property world and begin renovating homes, in the hope that this will become our future business one day.

As a husband and wife we thought this would be a great way to document our journey, from the first house purchase together and all future projects we embark on. With our young boys in tow,we hope to share with you the incredible highs we are sure to experience and of course the lows that can come with any renovation project. Offering tips and advice while also keeping you up to date with our latest projects from start to finish.

Here’s a little background…

We bring a varied amount of skills to the table. Myself? I am the wife and stay at home mum who has a background in copywriting and blogging. Most of the content created on here will be from myself with my husbands input and guidance. My husband? He’s the brains and muscle behind the operation. While I am found snapping away on my camera and typing away at the computer, you will find him with a cordless saw in his hand knocking down walls and being the creative one.

Our two sons are getting involved in the act and we have them knocking walls down and learning a few key skills in the process. It really is a family affair.

We welcome the opportunity to work and collaborate with brands that would fit well with our work, and of course this website. If you have a proposal please do head over to the contact us page for more information on how we can work together and the all important contact details.

All that’s left to say is thank you for stumbling across our site and we hope you do keep returning to see how we are getting on with our projects. You will find a house renovation update live on a Sunday with various articles throughout the week.

Don’t forget to say hi to us on social media and give us a follow for more updates.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Let’s Flip A Home Family



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