When You Feel Like You Are Letting The Side Down When It Comes To Renovating


I’ve mentioned before in another post about the fact my husband was well aware of this world, and I hadn’t even given renovating properties a second thought. I always knew it was something he wanted to do in the future. I never realised how involved I would be, or honestly how much I wanted to be.  I’m someone who isn’t really that great at DIY. Yes, I lived on my own for a time. But never during that year of living in a house did I ever have to change a light bulb or do any DIY. I was lucky I suppose, but this house is something else entirely. Never did I think I would feel like I was letting the side down.

My husband is good at all things DIY. He has a good deal of knowledge when it comes to things to do with this house and the renovation process, whereas I didn’t have a clue. But I was enthusiastic to learn and take on any job that my non-existent skills could master. I have since knocked down walls, exposed fireplaces and started to take time and effort into the original beam work of the property. Am I enjoying myself? Most of the time I am. However, the niggling feeling I can’t shake off is letting my husband down. With the labour intensive stuff, and any of the big jobs for that matter. I sometimes feel like he is on his own, plugging away and I can’t do much to help.

It’s a strange rollercoaster of emotions, I suppose that is because it is my first renovation project. Honestly, I feel overwhelmed one minute and complete excitement the next. I can’t wait to see what we do with Project weavers cottage. Restoring it back to it’s former glory. With a few modern touches here and there. It will be fantastic, I’m sure of it.

As for the feeling of letting my husband down, I’m just going to do what I can. Working on those small, niggling projects that would take up his time. Stripping wallpaper, knocking down bits of plaster and keeping the place tidy so that all the big jobs can take place with ease. I don’t for one minute think he shares the same thoughts as I do, or at least I hope not anyway.


So today I went up to the property and I did a little bit of work, and the sense of achievement is just mind boggling. I have been updating our journey on Instagram and Facebook so don’t forget to follow us there for updates, and of course my efforts and ramblings during the week. It is understandable to feel like this, it shows I care just as much as my husband does. Even if I do feel it and show it in a different way. I am after all, and emotion driven woman. I wondered whether there was any other renovating couples out there who shares the same dynamic as us? But for now I am learning everyday. Who knows, maybe on our second, fourth or tenth flip, I could end up being better than my husband.


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  1. 19th February 2017 / 2:27 pm

    Looks like youre doing a fab job! Keep it up Im sure youre learning a lot and come houses 3 and 4 you’ll be an absolute pro 🙂

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